Thursday, January 26, 2017

Around the house...

Breakfast today. It was GOOD. :) I don't
do wheat for breakfast but we had a medical
visit for me today and it worked out.

This week has been okay. Tuesday I
cooked ahead quite a bit and it's worked
out, we're still eating off of it lol :). Works out,
I can just chill tomorrow. I need some chill time.

Wednesday went okay. We got out early
and ate lunch at Hesburger. I have discount
coupons :D lol We did a bit of shopping and then
I went to my last fysio therapy for my pelvic
floor appointment. 

There has been some improvement
(via the EMS machine) but I'm bumped back upstairs
due to my chronic pain. :S I'm not looking forward to
ANOTHER visit with my feet in stirrups talking to a 
doctor over Kate Bush. :/ Oh well, it is what it is.

Family situation has went downhill rather a bunch
this week. Everyone is rude and moody, so surprise there
lol. Hmmm everyone was nice for what, 5 days?
Yente and Nachum need some chill pills :D lol 

Today I had an eye visit. It went okay minus
 the stinging drops of death but the guy was 
nice, but quiet. No problems there, Spenser
and I aren't exactly queen and king of 
conversation these days.

My eye pressure is LOWER off of 
medication. It's 20 and 22. The doc said though it
varies so you can't say for sure. He saw damage on
my optic nerve in the left eye more. :( I failed the read
the chart test WITH my glasses :S.  I was reading letters
and he was like "they're numbers"....yeah :S.

So we're hopefully going to get more testing
approved to see what's up. It'll take months :S. 
I have to call the old health centers and get my
eyeball info...didn't bring it :S. No one told me
and it's 3 years old...I probably threw it away :S lol.

We went to eat at hesburger again (more coupons)
and got the morning Coffee House deal :D It was SOOO good.
After having my eyeballs poked, it was well deserved lol.

We got some candy and came home. We got out
again later (I washed some laundry) and checked
out thrift stores in Klaukkala.

It was a good full day. I'm tired, Spenser's tired.

He had one last talk with his doctor. She told him
to try Effexor but 25% have insomnia...25%!!! That's
just nuts. So NO. That's his one issue mostly with anxiety.

Lord I'm thankful for our public health but you
just wait, and wait, and wait. I have become
REALLY good at waiting lol!

So that's what's going on here. Tomorrow we 
have nothing planned, hurrah! :) I hope
ya'll have a great weekend out there! pot couscous. It's SOOO good.
You can use whatever, I used ham since I'm
lazy lol.

I was thinking "I have some wood you can chop ;)"
but that sounds like I have a boner so no...bad joke lol. :P

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