Saturday, January 21, 2017

Around the house...

Sunrise this morning, super pretty!

 I haven't blogged much, sorry about that. It's 
been kind of a "ugh" week. Spenser is lowering his
meds and so we're in another adjustment phase. Trying
not to stress and just take it easy. 

You guys, the tv is so dusty it looks like it has a fur coat :( lol
 At some point I need to clean/dust, oy! Whenever it calms down...
if ever? lol

Monday Spenser had a phone call with his doctor. It went
pretty okay. We didn't do anything really that day or 
all week. 

I found a great deal, carrot breads going old at .10 euro cents
a bag! I froze the stuff out of those right away! Sooo good with

Honestly we've been really tired and worn out (how... stress here lol) and just kind of 
doing super minimal stuff.

I did change all our sheets and towels this week so
that was good.  Been doing laundry whenever I have
a load but not stressing to wait a day or two.

So that's it here. Not really much to blog 
about lol.  I'm alive, good enough :D lol 

You can see some snowflakes
in the picture. We had a dusting yesterday.

Found this great Jesus Icon yesterday for .90 euro cents on
sale! I love it! :) 



  1. K like I say often at work - boring is good!
    No drama works for me in my life too :)
    Happy New Year!

    1. Amen! Things going on could be worse lol! :) I agree, I'm getting too old for drama lol. :D Thanks! Happy New Year to you too! :)


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