Sunday, January 15, 2017

Around the house..

Lord it feels like I haven't blogged in almost a week. Well it
is Sunday night.

Thursday Spenser had a therapy visit. It went well
and all but he had a bad reaction with his medicine so
it's been kind of "egg shell" situation around here. We're
both pretty pooped about it all.

Friday was pretty quiet if I remember right. The guys
played on Xbox so I had my folks to myself on Skype! :)
It was a pretty okay day.

 I ended up washing
pretty late on Sabbath though since we had a bit
of washing machine competition lol. No problem
though. Got r done. I didn't clean or anything for
Sabbath. Miriam you were right, paper plates lol! :D 

Night fevers keep bugging me so it's the middle of
January and I'm washing dishes with the fan on me lol.

Saturday was okay but Spenser was feeling pretty bad. We
went to Jumbo and sat a bit, had some juice and people
watched. The mall is a happening place on Saturday, too
much for me lol. We headed out to Klaukkala
and got some good deals. 10 pack eggs for 10 cents (going old)
and carrot sampyla breads, 50 cents a bag (going old too). :) 

Spenser had his friend drop by which was nice! I hope
 at some point in the future he can hang out again with everyone,
it's nice guys have guy time. I watch horrible movies and 
eat ramen lol, that's about it lol. The friend was here very
shortly and that's okay, wasn't feeling very social (do I ever?).

Today we were out for like 4 hours from the house! I had
to rewash laundry lol. I had like two days of dishes to do as well
tonight. We went to Jumbo and restocked a bit (thanks! :)) and
then headed to Klaukkala again.

Viiri Market, they had the shining beacon for all
of humanity.

 That's a big inflatable dick lol. I lolled and all :D 

Better than the party blow up sheep certain 
family members had :D lol We found it deflated under
a box in 2012 and we both yelled/screamed lmao. The
joys of inside jokes with your big brother lol :D

Found some good deals in the half off uhhh...
thingies..cupboards?  Stall..I think that's word. Goodbye
good English, we're getting Finglished up here lol.

Great "fire king" oven dish I got for .50 cents!

Bathroom rug yes, but is great for me doing dishes.
My feet are killing me and this thing is PLUSH. Way
less tired lower limbs using this. 

We checked out Bargain Bin thingie and found two
soup bowls on sale, whoo!

Nice! A bit shallow but they work. It was the
same type I've gotten from the Selki thrift store
so I guess I know who had this stall lol!

We went to Lidl and got milk products and 
came home. Watched tv the rest of the
evening honestly. Kinda fried.

Hopefully things calm down but who knows. So that's
what's up here. Hope y'all out there are well!


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