Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Around the house..

Man it is SO dark outside during these
winter days. We'll get some daylight here
and there, but man it's dark. It was still kind of
"light" at 4pm so there's hope lol. 

We have to buy 3 
blackout curtains since I sleep out here and the
sun will soon be bugging us quite a bit lol.
(over the spring of course, got lots of time lol)

This week has been kind of topsy
turvy (lord hasn't it been that way
since 2010? lol). Spenser has a doctor's
appointment tomorrow with his therapist
so hopefully all that goes well.  He had
a big talk with the person on Monday
on the phone. 

Monday we did some testing for him
and hung around at the mall a bit. I did
some laundry and just kind of rested.

Tuesday was pretty okay. We watched tv, I
am too tired to do anything really. Spenser and I
have been just "getting through" these days here
of late. I have mending and busywork I can 
do but not feeling it really.

I did cook ahead a bit pot of soup that was funky
colored due to bouillion but today (Wens) we ate it
and it was fine! Color got back to normal? Meh,
who knows.  I also made a big batch of tacos
for lunch, they were good! Used up ham going old
and eggs out of date.

It was interesting lol! :D Tacos tasted great.

 We got out late (been hard to get the car lately) and this
was traffic on Klaukkala bypass. The arrow is the offramp,
we're in the emergency lane trying to get into that lol. They
REALLY need to make the darn bypass 2.0...been talking about
it for like 35 years or something. 

Today has been okay. We reheated the soup and watched
tv.  I washed a load of laundry. We got out a 
bit earlier and got lucky at Jumbo! Food wise ;) lol 

I found our favorite mircowave meals 2 for the 
price of 1 in the bargain bin! Considering it was 
pretty late in the afternoon, I was surprised to see all
the stuff there. I got Spenser's fav (curry chicken and rice)
and mine (cream chicken with peppers and taters). :) I got 2
each and we'll eat those tomorrow plus nuke burgers.

I also found this beauty!

 Precooked turkey, 2 pounds for 2 euros! :D WHOO! I 
processed it after Spenser went to bed and got 7 little
baggies (about 1 cup each) of meat! Nice! Thank you Lord!

I washed dishes and that's about it. Drank my nightly ritual 
of poop juice ( flavored juice and fiber mix) and watch
meme videos on Youtube lol.  

That's about it here. Oh yeah, Aunt Flo showed up
so I'm like nooooooooooooo lol. Cramps ahoy but
it's all good. Easy meals are a plus tomorrow, I 
can just rest and not worry about dishes. Sabbath
will be something REALLY easy.

I think that's about it! OH! In a month I
should find out about my glaucoma time so that's
really good to hear! 

In two weeks I have my final crotch fysio therapy,
we've failed that class Kate Bush lol. :P  Oh is
what it is.

I hope y'all are well and all. Oh yeah, for those
who know me off this blog, I'm off of Facebook for
a couple of weeks, Undisclosed reasons :). 

 You and me both Rami. I'll bring the 
Fiddler on the Roof movie and chocolate muffins.

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