Saturday, January 7, 2017

Around the house...

Still love seeing the kitchen :D I did the dishes tonight
and everything is done homemaking wise. We still have 
construction junk laying around here and there, like
stuff got displaced while we moved around again, and 
I have to find a home for it all/remove it. 

New tablecloth looks great! :) It's a nice color. I
got a poinsettia from Spenser's Dad, forgot to water it
for like a week. Good thing they're hardy, it wasn't
dead lol.

Today wasn't too bad. Spenser had to plow snow
again and I swept off the porches. It was -20C
and now it was -5C with a blizzard. Finnish
weather is nuts.

I worked on a new "system" to ensure we 
eat more variety. I stole it from my mom, thanks Mom! :)
It's like one day rice meal, one day a Finnish recipe,
one day something easy, etc. I have been digging through
my Finnish American cookbook finding good stuff
to try. Spenser's meh about it lol. It's Americanized
Finnish food though, I think he'll eat it lol.

I did a load of laundry and that's about it, moving
stuff around. My period is going to show up
( willingly cleaning lol) and I've been
spotty all week so no idea.

I've been mulling over a book idea for
my writings, I'm on the third one now! :D No idea
but I'll write as long as the characters kick around
in my mind.

I had two huge boxes of scraps for me starting to
quilt or make a quilt skirt...threw them away because
I never had time or the space. :/ Darn it! I wish I
had kept them because now I have tons of time
and would like do something like that.  One of these
days I'll go up and buy more fabric or something lol.

 Today I drained another batch of tangerine 
vinegar. I was like oh crap since bits were floating
around but it was where I squished the extra
out of the skins. I strained most of it out through
a towel, good enough.

With the skirt fisasco I need to hem my
longer skirts. *sigh*. I don't mind mending but
I HATE hemming lol.

My dad had a good email point escalators have
a BUNCH of torque and better a skirt than my
leg and death. I agree and so does Spenser! out there boys, gonna see my
cankles from now on lol.

 There is probably something I'm forgetting,
but that's about it here. I will end the 
post with some winter shots.

Earlier snow.

 -4F...this was the "warm" time of day!

More snow...

Frost build up outside of our side porch door.


You can see the crystals, I love it :D. I smashed
the rest of it off today with a broom handle lol.

Thanks for checking out the blog!

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