Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sis and I...a study in contrast..

My sister was AWESOME at Cello. She
had private tutor, just rocked. She played with adults
and we went to see her live on stage. She practiced and
can read music like a champ.

Then there's me...the hurricane of AHHHHHHHHH.

When we'd be at the private tutor's house I wasn't
paying attention to the instruments..I was laughing she
had a cat whose butt you had to shave.  Also the tiny
baby violin kids practiced on would of made a great
Barbie guitar!

When we watched her in concert my Dad kept
giving me orange tic tacs to keep me quiet. It was

We had a music class at our school in
Ohio, it was in an old gym prop room
downstairs. No matter what, I couldn't
read music. It just didn't happen.
 ( hello early dyslexia lo).

I did try on the violin though. Instead of practicing I'd play
like Jethro Tull on that stuff though! It sounded like a cat
farting backwards into a fan.

I was running and my violin fell out of it's case, skidding
down two flights of stairs at our school. We had marble keep that in mind ;) lol.

It was pretty awful. I just didn't have the ear for
it..nor the desire lol. 

We moved to GA and while my Mom was disappointed
we had no wood instruments in band..I WAS HAPPY. I 
mastered the weird little instrument that looked like a 
pickle with lines in it :D.

I did join chorus in middle school to get
out of gym for half a year...:P My fibro showed up
around 12 years old so that was well timed lol.

guiro..that's the instrument :D

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