Thursday, December 29, 2016

No such thing as a perfect Sabbath...

I'm tired. Spenser had a rough
night with insomnia and I had a
 bad nightmare and 40 minutes of sleep
paralysis plus epilepsy. Needless to say, I'm tired.
There is no such thing as a perfect Sabbath. For
us Sabbath Keepers, good enough is good


WHOO to those who go this far, for I don't lol.
Everyone imagines it should be like this :
Most times you barely get the food on the table, the
sun has disappeared, and either your rampaging elderly
inlaws or kids are AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH through
the house. 
Real life doesn't quit on Sabbath.
So I shook out the front rug. I dustmopped and
swept the kitchen. I'll dustmop again tomorrow if I remember.
The toilet has been cleaned, I'll thaw food for tomorrow's
supper so I'll have a break from cooking. 
I'm washing laundry right now. Maybe a load tomorrow,
who knows.
I'll probably wash dishes on Sabbath..we don't have
a dishwasher :P.
But I have peace on Sabbath. I don't need to worry
about doing extra things, no extra load on my mind
about chores or what's going on. I try to remember to light
a candle and when Spenser hits the hay, I read the Bible. 
It's good enough for me!
PS- WHY is Topol NOT my Grandpa? :( I'd
love to have him sing and dance and all that, plus
it'd be POPPIN' having him tell stories and all
the cool stuff.

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