Monday, December 5, 2016

Menu Monday..

Horrible but made me laugh :D lol 

Finn Independence Day Meals (Tuesday)

salami and cheese oven sausage with
potatoes and carrots (GF)...lemon cake slices for dessert

thawed meatball and tater meals

Can't get more Finnish than that lol..

Gluten Free Meals

creamy ham potato vege soup x2

curry chicken with rice (Spenser wants)

Storebought GF..probably a nuke meal or
something I'll make..a decide that day..

Today we had leftover chicken ham soup.

decide that day meal

Wheat meals

BBQ chicken sandwiches with fruit (canned)

tuna melts with fruit (canned) 

fishsticks with carrots and taters (had this for lunch today)

hot dog impossible pie with veges


freezer pizza or decide that day

Thanks for stopping by and check
out other meals at Menu Monday!

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