Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kitchen update / Slight around the house..

We had a pretty good Independence Day. Ate
greasy sausage and had taters and carrots. Had
lemon cake from the freezer, 'twas good! 
Kaari mall was open so we went shopping,
it was nice. All the old folks are like REMEMBER
THE WAR and people Spenser's age and younger
are like ooooo cheap candy lol. :) 
For the first time in months Spenser has 
been having bad insomnia issues. Please pray
for him! Thanks!
I've been up with him so I'm not getting as
much rest as I could be. Shit always hits the fan
when I'm on my chemo cycle in the month :/.
We picked up some stuff for the kitchen on Wednesday.
Got a nice backsplash and some doodads. Found we need
a new toilet downstairs lol. Lindroos have some powerful
craps obviously lol. :P
We had the plumber guy come and fix our pipes! WE
HAVE WATER HOOKED UP! :) There was some
interesting hit or miss stuff about the plumbing but in
the far so good it seems.

Today has been pretty okay. I wrote a couple
chapters in my book. I caught up some snail mail
and mailed off Christmas cards to those in Finland.

We had the electrician show up! He's nice and
dedicated, worked for a good chunk of time! :) Spenser
ran the electric cables and I helped him so that was interesting.

I did two huge loads of laundry. I have to cook ahead
tomorrow morning since it'll be Sabbath and we're having
the other dude come over plus the electrician on Saturday. It'll
be BUSY weekend. I have an automatic blog for Saturday but
I won't be on else.



Yeah..not so pretty lol. Spenser wants
to make a cover so it doesn't look like
all gross. It looks like a dick and balls if it
was made on Minecraft lol.

Electric cables!

We have water hookup!

Brushed aluminum backsplash! :D

SUN. It's kind of abnormal to get so much daylight
in December here so it's been nice...

Minus it's right in my eyeballs when I sit at
the computer. You can see the setup I've
been having to use since we're building the kitchen.
I miss having space darnit lol! 

Sent this to my sis (happy early birthday sis!)
and laughed at the dude blanketing the other dude
on fire. I'd be flailing and like AHHHHHH GOD..not
laying there all chill like..yeah this is okay. It's a good
represent of heartburn though. 

Remember when people said Bauhaus had no 
mini kitchens? ;) lol FOUND IT. Small as heck but
would of been easier, cheaper maybe. I'm okay with
ours though, we need a bunch of space. This
is more like a summer cottage thing I think.

Not bad space though.

Different burner plates. Bauhaus is real professional 
leaving crap all over the displays lol. Y'all might
need to fix that! lol

You can see it in white too. There is a fridge under the 
burner on the right, and space under the sink on the left in white. 

The foot broke off of the Ikea counter. :/ Spenser and 
said fixit person can fix that. Ikea didn't include all kinds
of parts too (they were supposed to). Kind of makes me NOT
want to use them again. Plus they use non standard hookups
for plumbing so guess what fun we've had with that!

:) Close, but no cigar.



  1. Woohoo for the progress!
    And I agree, it has been the sunniest December I can remember.

    1. Thanks! :) It has been really sunny! It has been nice! :)


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