Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kitchen is 99.5% done!

Lots of cleaning today! I wiped out
the cabinets last night. Today I unloaded
the foodboxes into them and arranged
our dishes/stuff.

Lots of cleaning of stuff I forgot I had lol.

Spenser took loads of trash for me
and helped me move out stuff. I vacuumed
a ton too. Now the
apartment is back to normal! We sat at
the kitchen table for 2 hours today, just enjoying
having more space. 

We have to redo the caulk around the
backsplash and sink..then we're 
finished! It's totally functional and
good to go though.

I have used the oven for the pizza and
tuna melts the other day. I made 
ramen and grilled cheese with hotdogs
in it for supper on the flat top, it went well!

Pic time!

The Beast finished. The caulk was old
and we needed a new one. What..Lindroos
never prepared for a situation? lol ;)

Spenser and Helper Dude put the oven
hood in yesterday...was quite a feat!

Inside. Kind of random storage I
don't want clogging the counter.

My spice rack thing wasn't working so I 
did this instead, it worked great! This pan is too
small for cooking anything really so waste not,
want not!

Wrong holes got drilled yesterday. So now
our vent hoot cabinet has boobs.

Under the kitchen sink.

Under the oven. Kind of a collect all.

Bottom cabinets. There is an open area next to the
trash can and it kind of grosses me and Spenser out
to put anything down here. It'll be for random stuff. I
don't know why there's no panel. Spenser's Mom's kitchen
is the same way and other homes here have it.

Silverware drawer. 

Food boxes unloaded into the cabinets. Funny the
boxes seemed stuffed but this didn't seem very much. The top
right cabinet will be stuffed with cans next restock.

Spenser moved the hooks over for me! :) I have
all I need now! :) 

Freeze then thaw then freeze has left weird
patterns all over the ground.

Thanks for those who prayed about getting
the kitchen done, God answered it. I told God it'd
be the best Christmas present ever if it was done by
Christmas :D WHOO! Thank you Lord!


  1. So, SO HAPPY for you!
    A girl's best friend is a kitchen of her own!
    Onnea onnea onnea!

    And the halo effect over the sink area makes everything extra festive! :-)

    The tiny pan makes an excellent spice rack, movable, too. I also have it and I use it to warm up my glögi (no microwave here)

    It's a clever trick to use door knobs instead of handles. You can them as a hook for dish towel, as shown :-)

    Onnea vielä, ja iloista Joulua myös!

    1. Thanks! I'm super happy too! It's like FINALLY lol!

      Thanks! :D

      It does lol! :D That's about it for Christmas decorations. We're not doing squat this year for it lol.

      Thanks! That's a good idea! I wish we could find less syrupy gloggi lol.

      Thanks! :D

      Kiitos minun kaveri! :D


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