Monday, December 26, 2016

CHRISTMAS IS OVER...I mean...hello another week!

You and me both Rami...50 Shades of Malek lmao :D  I'm
ovulating..never mind the awful humor...Let's make some
opposing tribes babies lol.

Meh....that's been the weekend..meh.

I used this today, whoo! I can't stand Finnish
calenders where the week starts on Monday....AHHH.
Saturday (the day Finns celebrate Christmas) and
I started feeling bad. Like I'm going to faint,
heart aflutter...typical "oh crap I have a virus" bad.
Turns out it's just Mono flare (what,
rape PTSD, holidays..nahh) so I had almost a 100F fever
and was pretty nauseated. Spenser had a good time
with his family at Christmas, this is how I celebrated.
I slept on my face for 40 minutes straight. Ate
one deviled egg and 3 hotdogs...then just was sweaty
and watched this great documentary on Youtube.

About Mennonites in Mexico, good watching!

Yesterday I felt a bit better. We ate the
traditional I'm so tired of family interaction
American Christmas meal (just Spense and I) and
it settled well. We got out to Nurmijarvi for
a jaunt and drove around.

More laying around, had a good time on Skype!

This was supper. An oven meal with 'angus' steak. Well it
didn't settle well for me or Spenser. It couldn't quite
settle between coming up or going down. I took a garlic pill
to cleanse it out. Happy to say it went south of the border
but Spenser and I are NEVER buying these again. 

No food allergens in them, no idea. Findus..y'all
dropped the bomb on this one for sure. The gravy was
like battery acid. Finns have gentle guts man lol...this
was too spicy/weird mix.

Today has been okay. Spenser had anxiety
and insomnia so woke me up at 520am. I was
like wah?? and so we laid no avail of sleep. After
breakfast I fell asleep propped up on the couch for an HOUR. 
We got showers, ate leftover Christmas food, and then headed
out to Jumbo. Got more paper plates (Saving money using our
normal but if I'm sick you can't beat them) and yogurt. My
birthday broom set was crap and it broke so we got this
pretty thing from Tokmanni today for 6 euros! :)


Miriam, I knew you'd like the color lol! :D I
like it too! :D
It gives the Nordic kitchen a "pop" it really needs.
So that's been it. Spenser's folks are off somewhere
and we're having a quiet day. I am washing
towels and laundry. 
Supper is gluten free Chinese for me and gluten free
curry for Spenser. 
I hope y'all are well out there! 

Santa forgot..nooooooo :(

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