Thursday, December 1, 2016

Been a REALLY busy day/week (long read)

This week has been a jar of mixed
beans putting it lightly.

Tuesday my uncle Paul passed away. It
was a hard hit to say the least. He was in his early
90s and that's quite a feat. You think if he made 
it that far then turning 100 isn't something out of
the way either :). Tuesday night consisted of me
crying, and crying, and insomnia.

It had been a stressful day before that since
the toilet downstairs leaked like crazy. Of course us
being Lindroos, it was like worst case scenario. I am 
happy the issue was the toilet had no stop valve. It
is fixed and so we're down one toilet but we're okay. It
was an easy cheap fix. 

Wednesday I had my first sexual therapy discussion. It
went pretty okay (won't talk abot particulars here) but 
basically the nurse (in Finland nurses have same
qualification training as doctors) said I need
psychotherapy because there's lots of stuff going
on and I need help. Hurrah! I got some phone numbers
and a place I can call if I need to talk. I see her again
in January.

She said trauma doesn't age, so when I get flashbacks
it's like it's happening like 16 years ago. That is good to know.

Also it tends to get sexualized so that's normal with
survivors. Good to know...and gross at the same time.

Also I was raped. I was held against my will. I wasn't
penetrated. She said attempted rape sounds better
for people but the truth anything like that IS rape.

 So yeah...that was hard to do. It went well though.

Today I slept 9.5 hours last night...well that's
an odd sentence but you get the jest. Ah, it was good to sleep. :)

So we went and had our monthly restocking. We blew the bank
apart at 156 euros at the pharmacy, DAMN. The computer crashed
twice and the doc who refilled my rosacea cream messed up
big time too. They had to refill and do a manual old timey
prescription paper lol. They were wonderful and I do love
my pharmacy, they go the extra mile for you unlike most
pharmacies here! 

I wasn't counting how expensive my topical chemotherapy
is so that kind of blew the budget. Good news, I'm good
with it for awhile lol. I'm back on it today and it's
nuking any lichen planus itching so that's good. I'm not
looking forward to the sweaty blah and anxiety I get 
about being on it. 

We went to Lidl, bought most of what we needed. Went to
eat lunch at Hesburger, it was good. I needed food since
the pharmacy took an hour lol! I am REALLY happy how
nice the folks are there.

I shopped at Prisma first and it went well. Fishsticks and 
vege medley were almost gone. You know when the 
poor folks shop, those are the first to go. That's why I look lol! :D 
I got 36 fishsticks for 2.35 euros and they're gluten free! I got
one of the last vege medley bags too. 

I've been sick with IBD issues from stress..broke out
in head to toe eczema flare when my uncle died..that night
I was crying and itching. It was an interesting time shopping
since my intestines were trying to evacuate and I had to
pray the entire time I'd not get sick. Ah, joys of IBD.

So we came home and I put away all the cold stuff. Lo
and behold, had to go buy a new printer for Spenser's Dad. It
went okay but it took soooooooooooooooooo long.

When we got home our laundry had soured, had to
wash it again. Spenser was installing the printer so 
I swept up around the living room/kitchen and dustmopped. 
That was good, the house has been kinda gunky lately. I
washed the bath mat too after our clothes.

So we sat on the couch after not getting a rest for 6 hours,
my legs were like rubber bands. My plantar faciitis is like NO.

We have an agreement, I don't ask Spenser for foot rubs and
he doesn't expect me to iron or mop. I'm fine with that :D lol

Oh yeah, I did dishes too. It went very well but too much
stuff crammed into one week for sure.

The electric guy is coming tomorrow so hopefully
we'll get a plan set up and we'll get the kitchen done...hopefully
soon! :) 

So that's been what's up here of late. :) Hope y'all are having
a good week! I might not blog for the rest of the week, so 
take it easy and have a good weekend!

My plans this weekend...


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