Saturday, December 31, 2016

Around the house...

Thought I'd post a bit. I tend to avoid
internet around the holidays, just meh.

We've had a couple okay nights of sleep.
I don't know about tonight since we've had
fireworks going on since 6pm. It's 9:33pm and
who knows. I had lots of caffeine before bed
(cherry pop on sale).

Sabbath was good, quiet. I washed some
laundry and took trash today. We ate Hesburger
for lunch, thawed taco mix for supper.

I worked on the grocery list today and will
work on the menu/bible study. 

Earlier this week I had bought a sweet potato on sale:

It was entertaining to clean and get into
smaller sizes.

I roasted up a bunch of veges. I boiled some sweet potato
and put it in to the freezer, plus some of the roasted bites. 

I missed roasted veges, whoo oven! 

:) So that's about what's up here. Forgot to blog earlier so
this was a quick one. Hope y'all have a great new years!

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