Friday, December 23, 2016

Around the house...

Bread I made in the oven! I need to
rework the recipe a bit but it was still good.

Tuesday was a pretty day. I changed all
the bedding and made the bread above. We ate 
lunch out, and had a quiet trip.
Wednesday was a nice day! Santa stopped by
and I got some goodies :D We ate out again and
I picked up some nice stuff. We were out 6 hours straight lol,
so I was pretty pooped.  

6 euro boots! :D I LOVE them, it's like free Viking footwear.
 The tongue was ripped on them but I fixed'll be
another post. REALLY comfortable.

A gallon size teftlon pan :D I am HAPPY! I 
can make all sorts of goodies :D.

I also got candy and fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm.
Spenser got new pants and candy too. :) 
Thursday was a good day too. We went out again and had Starbucks...
did a little last minute shopping for Spenser's Mom, then went out
again. Well Santa gave this 90 euro pan for....50 cents.

NICE! I washed it well and greased it up, it's
fine! Fries well too! :) 

I also Sabbath cleaned on Thursday. I vacuumed
and did laundry. Dust mopped and cleaned up
the bathroom. 

I also de-molded the window sills. I hate running
the humidifier but our sinuses need it. The windows
were NASTY.
Today has been pretty okay. I made us 
curried chicken gravy to eat with potatoes
and carrots, pretty good. We watched tv.

We were stuck at home so I got to some mending. I fixed
my blingy black leggins. These things are like...6 years I think?

Process of sewing. If you're mending a pant leg, use
an empty pop bottle. It works great! Or a book too.

Final product. Another legging death from
chub rub lol.
I washed laundry.

So we got out, Jumbo was surprisingly quiet. We
came home and watched tv until 'twas Skype :).

I washed dishes and wrapped the kid's presents. 
(Not mine lol) So now it's the down low, the quiet
of the Sabbath. :)

  Happy Holidays whatever you celebrate out there!


  1. That's some good presents :) Merry Christmas!!

    1. Thanks! :) Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Happy boots, happy feet! Congrats! I don't know if there are such thing as too warm boots... I too found a pair of 'new' boots with faux fur lining at thrift store for 6 € :-)

    1. Thanks! :D I love them! It's too warm (plus 6C) but I'll wear them for sure when it gets cold.

      Nice! :D Cool! We're twinsies in the boot department lol! :D


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