Monday, December 19, 2016

Around the house...

This was 8:50am the other day. The camera
makes it look brighter than it is lol. Sunrise isn't
until about 9:24 yeah. Darkest time of year! 

It's almost 12:30pm here and sunset is 3:11pm...soo...yeah lol!

Last week was okay minus snooping people seeing the 
kitchen was complete lol. Oh well, it's been a long time
in the making so I got over it ;) lol. Spenser had to 
recaulk part of the sink on Friday night but so far
it's pretty good!

Saturday was pretty good, got some light shopping. Sunday
we restocked a wee bit for the beginning of the week. 

I did a bunch of laundry yesterday and I've been washing
dishes everyday. I'm still happy about doing dishes in
my own sink :D. 
I've rested most of the weekend honestly...feel a mono cycle
happening and I had a fever on Friday a bit. 
Today has been pretty okay! I feel faint (oh fibro, hurrah!)
and all but it's getting better. I'm hooked up to my TENS
unit (2.5 hours now) since my pelvic pain is BAD today
and all. It helps!

I repierced my ears today on the couch. Spenser
was like :S <blargh>...yeah because nothing screams
oh that's pretty like a popping noise and gore lol.

I cooked quite a bit! I made potatoes and vege medley
for sides (we had chicken nuggets) and then I made gluten 
free pasta with sausage curry sauce to eat for supper. :) Yum! I
do plan on making bread when stuff calms down/ we have an
afternoon I KNOW we'll be home.
I just washed yesterday lol. I skipped laundry
since I've been washing a ton and Spenser's mom hasn't
had a good chance to get in there. Today I'll take
a break, tomorrow, maybe sheets..depends.

That's about it here. Lunch was good and we've been
grazing. Typical mono, I want to barf in the mornings
and then by lunch I'll eat anything in a mile radius lol. 
Not pregnant lol :) 

Been enjoying a bit of our "old" schedule not
having worker folks come over every 5 minutes lol :).

Hope y'all are having a great week out there!

Oh! Some post - construction pics to show
what our living/kitchen space looks like now.


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