Sunday, December 11, 2016

Around the house...

 I have a working sink :). It makes me SO happy to wash
dishes in privacy, just me :D. Thank you Lord! We still
have quite a bit left to do so hopefully it goes well this

Electrician is coming tomorrow and Tuesday
hopefully we'll get the oven vent up. :) So close! 

 Friday was pretty nuts. We put on the backsplash
and it is NICE! :)

Lots of sawing and all kinds of stuff. Good news is the big
funky hole is sealed by a metal plate AND expanding foam
so I'm way less paranoid about mice :D.

Bad news...gaping hole in our ceiling waiting for the
oven vent lol :D it'll happen hopefully this week.

Friday was okay but Sabbath got blown out of
the water. I was like WE WON'T STRESS. If I'm
yelling we won't stress...we're stressed lol.
Saturday was okay, lots going on. We got the water
finally running clear so I got my dishes done :D. We
went to Ikea and picked up some odds and ends. There will
be lots of odds and ends :) lol

We came home and went out with Spenser's Dad, picked up
some stuff too. Came home, I did laundry.  Then we left to Ikea
again and then came home. Washed the shower curtain.

My feet were like NO. I was limping pretty bad with the 
plantar F going on. I wrapped it today and it seemed to help. We
walked like 3km in stores alone.
Sunday has been pretty okay. We got out and
grocery shopped. God blessed us with some good deals! :) 

Oh I forgot, Spenser cracked a tooth on Saturday :(. It's thankfully
a root canal tooth but he'll have to get it fixed. Thankfully
he says there's no pain so that's good.

Homeboy grew up with well water :/ No fluoride.

Then again I grew up with fluoride and I have craptons of
cavities. My dentist said it was genes baby! I visit the 
dentist next May I think?

Spenser's mom went on a little trip so tomorrow it might
me cooking for the electrician. Well it's either pizza or 
ham couscous..either way it won't be Finnish lol :D

Spenser and I watched tv most of the afternoon. We
had microwave burgers for supper.

I cleaned the bathroom tonight, hurrah! I don't remember
last time but ugh, I hate cleaning it. My OCD goes off the
charts. The low point of homemaking, Mom you were
right! :D

I cleaned the hair out of the drain, cleaned the toilet and
all around it, cleaned the toothbrushes and the shelf we hold
them on, cleaned the sink, replenished stuff we were running
out of (toothpaste, floss, shampoo, crapper clip on cleaner),
and sprayed vinegar on the floor to help with soap scum.

I'm tired lol. I did dishes before though :). I'm like
CROSS CONTAMINATION...and all that jazz with
tons of hand washing. I dustmopped too.

So tomorrow we'll see what'll happen. I have laundry for sure! 

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