Monday, December 5, 2016

Around the house...

Just a quick note about what's been
going on...

Weekend was pretty quiet. I rested pretty
much. Saturday we got out and shopped
at the evening, got some more groceries.

I got vanilla rolls for .74 cents! I popped
them in the freezer. Looked at jeans for 
Spenser too. At least he fits in stuff in
stores lol, I'm like "end of the line" at
my size lol. Minus of course chunky 
lady stores :D

Sunday we got out again and not much really
happened there. I ended up cooking ahead a bit. 
I got 15 eggs for 1.30 euros so I scrambled a bunch
of the egg whites with lunch meat that was going old and
froze that for taco fillings. (Thanks Mom!)
 I took the leftover lunchmeat and made a batch of
"cream" soup. Lazy cream soup is just add milk to the 
soup water and thicken with potato flakes, whala! :)

Spenser cut out a hole in the cabinets for the 

I skipped laundry all weekend so I had a TON
this morning. I washed a massive load of
normal clothes and then changed all our bedding
and towels. I'm happy, got done in about 3 loads. 

We ate fishsticks and watched tv. We had an
adventurous morning with a person (not in a good way)
so it was good we went out. We had some Starbucks and
talked for a long time. It was much needed for Spenser (me too!)

We came home and I did dishes and that's been about it. I did
some TENS  therapy outside for an hour and then internal for 
40 minutes. Helped a bunch. I do "absorb negative feelings"
with my pelvic floor for sure.
I got a letter about seeing a glaucoma doctor...I should
be getting a time here quick.
Spenser's dad dropped off the electric stuff he bought, so
hopefully later this week some kitchen action will happen! :)
So that's about it here. Tomorrow's a holiday and 
no plans here, eat and relax without pants. I haven't worn
jeans in like...4 years? lol

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