Sunday, November 13, 2016

Well that was weird while it lasted...Not a Catholic anymore...3 years out the window...

The guy I first dated wanted to dress up like Rocky Horror Picture
for Halloween. HOW did I not get he was gay? Then a couple
years down the road my lesbian best friend dated him..while
he was gay. Man I had a weird lukio time lol.

Oh and you CAN have gay/lesbian friends and be straight. I 
don't get why people don't get that. Meh, whatever.

That has nothing to do with why I dropped Catholicism...but
decided to share. I've told that story probably like a 1000 times
and don't remember lol.

My sister when she reads this lol :D

The who what where when why Willem Dafoe...I'll
explain that in a coherent post. It's night time and tomorrow
we have construction going on so it won't be tonight.

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