Thursday, November 10, 2016

Problem with politics...

We really don't know. For all we know
Trump could surprise us and be a good president. As
humans we don't have the ability to see down the 
road into the future.

The division in politics is like the division in the
Church. Trump vs Clinton had Catholics going
at each other. It makes me laugh since Trump
has been divorced and remarried, that is against 
the sacrament of marriage in the Catholic church.
Yet the traditionalists were very pro-Trump which
surprised me. 

It is what it is. Only God knows what's in our
future as a WORLD. There is more to the 
Earth than the USA...sometimes I think Americans
forget this. :)

There are SO many problems that we should be
putting political passion into instead: starving
children, no access to clean drinking water, famine
in Yemen, helping our fellow man even if it 
just a couple dollars for the beggar on the corner.

Don't let the politics and issues of today
blind your heart against what we CAN do in
our day to day life to help those that we can. If you
are an Atheist, a Catholic, a Protestant, whatever you
are, we should work to better the everyday 
lives of those around us as much as in our 

We are after all citizens of the World, not
just our nationalities.

 You shall not wrong a foreigner, neither shall you oppress him,
 for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt.
- Exodus 22:21


  1. Thoughtful reflections. I also think (Christian) people sometimes forget that Jesus was teaching about tolerance/kindness, not hate.

    The comment about Americans thinking they are "the entire world" made me laugh a bit, mainly because there is a bit of truth in it (that some believe the US is the "entire world"), but also because it reminded me about Oslo, Norway's capital, and that they sometimes think Oslo is the entire Norway. :-P

    1. Thanks! :) YES! Don't judge and love your neighbor..but people are so busy trying to "out holy" their neighbors they forget the core commandments!

      :D It is really true. I am American and it gets a bit tiring sometimes, everyone is always USA USA. I like my home country but there's more to life than it...small town USA forgets that. LOL! :D Same with Helsinki, everyone acts like it's the backwaters outside of Ring Road 3 :D

      Thanks for the comment!


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