Monday, November 28, 2016

Menu Monday..

Look at this high tech photo of smoke
roasted reindeer cheese soup lol :D It was on
sale so we've eaten it quite a bit. Really good stuff.

Our Thanksgiving from last week. 


Whenever we get home again..I WILL make
this face eating Arbys lol

 This week is simple and easy as usual :)


We had chicken vege soup (GF) for lunch and
sausage with veges in couscous for supper.


fishsticks with shredded beets and mashed potatoes

GF leftover chicken soup


Maybe takeout for a special day but I don't know.

If not :

leftover chicken soup GF

sausage n' vege couscous


take out if we're restocking (ramen if not),  probably
chicken nuggets with leftover veges


homemade pizza, GF ham and vege soup


leftover ham and vege soup GF, thawed meatball meals


Decide that Day x2 

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