Monday, November 21, 2016

Menu Monday...

I'm back! Been a couple weeks off from
menu planning, because basically I was 
winging it lol :) 

This week's Thanksgiving Meal

Not that lmao! :D

 Oven baked ham
Potato Box
Karelian pies

Dessert will probably be thawed vanilla rolls. 

Gluten Free Meals

chicken vege soup x 3
 (I made over 2 liters so we have a BUNCH of soup.)

hot dogs with veges and corn pasta in a curry sauce x 2
(good, had it for lunch today)

sausage with rice and veges

decide that day or leftovers

Wheat meals

chicken couscous with veges x 2

fishsticks with potatoes and veges
chicken nuggets with potatoes and veges 

Thanksgiving meal

So that's it for here. Thanks for 
visiting and check out Menu Monday !

Good luck to all those stuck at toxic family
parties this week! Keep Strong! 


  1. OK, I googled Karelian pies -rice pies??


      Yep! You can make them from all wheat flour or barley flour too. You can fill them with mashed potato too, those are actually my favorite :D.


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