Friday, November 11, 2016

Late night thoughts...

It's about 9pm here now, Spenser's in
bed and I've spent the past hour thereabouts
checking up on old ex fundie friends on Facebook
and blogs that I had read for years, 
having used to leaving comments.  Many of
those are now defunct and gone.

I think there's always a sense of longing for 
the communion of friendship with those lost from
our lives. I'd not say it's dwelling in the past but
missing a familiar comfort.

But the fact is so many of us 
Quiverfull and Fundies were just that way because
of some stress of issues going on in our lives. I think
it was a blip on the radar for most people that I knew. 
Situations have really changed.

T is dead. B is divorced with like 1,000 kids. A is divorced.
A couple of people were going for darn
things have changed.
Just funny how things like that go.  Now I'm Catholic and 
way more at home with myself than ever before. Maybe it's
that I'm older and don't burn with the enthusiasm I had
in those days, but I'm okay with it.


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