Monday, November 14, 2016

I finally remember...

In 10th grade I was walking down the hall
carrying a box full of food for a French
party we were having in the library. 
I was with my french teacher and we bumped
into a group of black guys. 

She read them the riot act about not paying attention
where they were going. He apologized and we were
walking away. I looked over my shoulder and saw 
him giving me a weird look.

THAT IS THE GUY. The guy who pinned
me up against the bathroom wall with one
hand undoing his button/zipper with the other.

He was a grade ahead of me. He had short
buzzed hair and a goatee, with two earrings. to put a face (another one..I need
to unlock the other two) to that horrible life
altering act.
I just laughed telling Spenser because
it makes me really uncomfortable to think about. 
I guess that's the first time he noticed me. I joked
to Spenser did he spend the entire summer
thinking when would be a good time to try
and rape me? 


Well funny how the memory jogged from this. I was
digging in the basement when I found my sweater set from
10th grade (2000). I laughed because it still fit. I always felt weird
wearing this later on in years...guess it's the last time I didn't know
about horrible the world could be. 
I'll keep it, it's a bitchin' sweater set and looks good on me :D lol 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! :D I'm trying to grow it out, I look like Tina Turner from the 80s caught in a windstorm lol! :D


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