Friday, November 25, 2016

Frugal Hints from my Mom and good ole days!

You readers all know I have *the* worst
memory known to man so I have been having lots of
tips from Mom coming up in my head :).

1) Make sure at least twice a year that you
have wedding/funeral appropriate clothing
in your wardrobe.

Double check if your items fit you
or need replacing. Double check your
shoes as well. 

I had some cute pre-pregnancy shoes
and NOPE. It looked like this. Those got donated.

2) Herman, the ultimate sourdough!

We used this a bunch growing up and I still
remember it on the counter. We had electric blue
walls in the kitchen, it was AWESOME. I think
that's why it's my favorite color.

3) When you see a really good sale, make sure
to leave some for others as well.

When you're poor you tend to have the HOARD
instinct. I know I do. If there are good sales I'll
take what I need and leave the rest. The other super
poor people will thank you (mentally..however lol).

4) If you buy bacon cubes, just buy normal
bacon and use scissors.

Not gonna lie, I had no idea about that one
until Mom told me.

That's me lol! :P

My sister is super gifted. I remember in
our elementary school they'd ship her and her classmates
off to a different school. I was SUPER jealous. I did get 
an extra .25 cents for milk or a Star Crunch cookie
and that was AWESOME.

Remember when school meals were cheap? .55 cents
I think when I was in kindergarten. When I graduated it
was like 2.55 for awful cafeteria food in 2002.

Rant over.

5) Get friendly with second hand stores!

I mean this is a no brainer  but some people
feel EW about thrift stores. I love them! I grew up
in them! You save crazy amounts of money with
thrift stores.

Aim for Christian/Religious thrift stores too since
they tend to give good discounts. We got a humidifier from 
our favorite for 4 euros, it is normally 200 euros!

6) Teach yourself/your kids it's okay to be poor.

One of the many things my Mom was *awesome* at
was treating us kids like adults. If we asked something, she
and Dad would explain it. 
We were in Conyers at Walmart and this lady had
about 4 kids. It was Spenser or me or Mom and me..can't
remember. She gave her little girl about 50 cents to do what
she wanted, a ride or a gumball machine. She used it on a ride and
came back asking for more money. The mom said she couldn't
afford it and the little girl was okay. 
That is RARE. Most kids today throw themselves on
the ground/hysterics because of crap parenting. I got
punched in the leg BY A KID THAT WASN'T MINE. Seriously,
the mom didn't even apologize, just dragged her hellspawn off
kicking and screaming.

Kids today! 
Also demon possessed kids act like natural
birth control. See a hysteric meltdown from a 3 year
old and your ovaries instantly drop baby fever. :) Free! 

I'm sure this will be a series when I remember more. 

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