Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Around the house...I'm not dead...

I really love Saint de Sales. He is the
real OG...for a Catholic saint. I've been
reading his stuff the past couple of days
and love the way he writes hits home!
I spent a week offline for
the most part minus emails and
Twitter..(oh Stephen Lang is
going to be upset Trump won...
let your muscles absorb

It was nice being away from the OMG election
OMG OMG OMG. So Trump won, okay, whatever.
When you live next to Russia you just hope you
don't get invaded, American politics fall into
the background.
 So I have some pictures from Monday on  (I rested
most of last week) and here you go.

The blizzard started on Monday.

On the way to Ikea. I of course got carsick and
as soon as Dad in law heard that lol, drove reaaaalllly slow :D

Me and the inlaw checking the kitchen.

A rare glimpse into me, Chava :P 
WHOO! We had 3 of these pushcarts
full of stuff. 

At home and loaded up.

Inside new fridge/freezer. I had to clean ALL
the baskets/shelving. Not fun hauling
those up and down the stairs lol. It's
got limited space but when we get cabinets I won't
be storing cans in the fridge anymore :D.

Today headed to my doc appointment. It's a
blizzard but doable.  The appointment went well! :)
I got a new steroid to try next month.

Coming home. Total white out conditions and
you can't see the lanes anymore.

Helsinki had a good 5 inches of snow on the main
roadway downtown.

AAAAAAAND our windshield froze! Crappy
wipers plus soggy snow not a good mix.

 Spenser got to look through this tiny hole to get us
home from the new store lol :D. We skipped
Jumbo, it was really bad driving conditions today.

More snow pictures later :D.

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