Monday, November 28, 2016

Around the house...

Got 10 of these for .60 cents for my
name day cake..YES. :) Good deal and
they've been nice to snack on. Spenser the
non chocolate advocate has been enjoying
them as well! :)

Lord it's been a busy morning. I cooked ahead quite
a bit (last leg of the month) and that went well. I
did two massive loads of laundry as well. I loaded
up the dishwasher and ran it, unloaded it and put 
more of our stuff in. Counting down the days weeks
until I can wash dishes in my own sink lol. The kitchen..
it is just DRAGGING. It's supposed to take a day for installation..
here it'll take a month. That's how Lindroos' does it.

I called about my foot fysio time..I'm in line and
they'll contact me. Dyslexia..when you don't know if
you or the doctor mixed it up lol.
I called about seeing the sexual therapist and 
this week I go in! I'm kind of UGH about it and
hopefully get some relief too. 
I was up on my feet for 3 hours straight so I was crabby
when it was time to eat lunch lol. After that I've felt 
better. I still have to finish the grocery list for later and
go over what meds we'll need next month.
Just feel like I want to live in Alaska somewhere
and have kids and squirrels and cats. 
:D lol 

Where my junk works, I don't need chemo to stop
my inner vage lips from sticking to my clitoris,
and it's warm and sunny all day lol.

Hope y'all are having a good day out there! :)

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