Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Around the house...

In Finland, things that say Ranch don't 
always taste like American Ranch. 9 out of 10
they do, but this was paprika flavored chips.

In the past 48 hours I have:

Hit Sofie by accident with a piece of bread (she's fine)

Fell into the house via a slippery porch while our
neighbor was out smoking. Hopefully I didn't
flash him lol. 

Had my last fysio therapy appointment for my
crotch minus a control visit in January

Been missing sunlight like a son of a B 

Am homesick for the holidays

Actually had a good trip out shopping with
Spenser's Mom. It went really well!

Had explosive diarrhea 

Ate delicious smoked reindeer cheese soup, 
probably giving me said diarrhea. That stuff was GOOD.

Changed all our sheets and washed an epic
ton of laundry.

Washed dishes.

Complain and ovulate

Yeah that's about it lol :D

We have some cabinets on the walls people! WHOO! They
are currently empty. One more to go!

We can't get the electrician to call us back and neither
can the handyman. :/ So it's at a standstill...opposite of Midas
touch in this family, let me tell you lol.

Last Sabbath I was freaking about the apartment being
dirty and looking like crap, then God hit me with a thought that
"Yeah, it IS a construction zone" lol. :) I felt better after that.

Well tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Hope you who
celebrate have a good one! We're having the handydude
come over tomorrow, so typical Finnish Thanksgiving for me lol.


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