Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Around the house...

Hey Mom :D lol

Not much kicking here, winding down for bed. It was a 
busy day just doing homemaking.

I stripped the beds and FINALLY washed the bedding. I have
wanted to for awhile but there's been a wait for the 
washing machine for like...forever? lol :) I did about 3 loads
today, not bad. I need to make up more liquid detergent.

We ate microwave burgers for lunch, Spenser went
for a walk. I did some crotch therapy and got a shower. 
I shook out the main rug and dustmopped too. Winter, dust! 

We are having a blizzard still! It's pretty impressive. Still
no studs on the main car tires lol (My sis lmao that email :D). 
We went out and went to some microwave meals
and had Starbucks. We went to Tokmanni and bought a 2017
calendar and a windshield scraper. 

We went to one of the smaller but nicer thrift stores in
Klaukkala, I got a cool Rome plaque thing with Pope
John Paul and it's vintagey...half off so .25 cents! :) 

We came home and discussed about kitchen plans. 
We're getting Spenser's mom's fridge and while I'm 
okay with needs a new shelf and will need to be 
cleaned a bunch. Tangerine vinegar, how I love thee lol.

So that'll be here and there for awhile...renovations
take time. I'm kinda whatever about it lol...that's my
general attitude it seems lol!

I spent the evening doing dishes after Spenser
went to bed. I changed the brita filter too. So it's
been a bit of a busy day. Tomorrow I might
depends. Easy peasy if so :). Fish soup...Spenser will hate
 the smell but I have mackerel to use up. 

I took some bird pictures so I hope y'all enjoy them
and have a great day/night! :)

Bullfinches. LOVE them, my favorite
winter visitors :). Look like big Christmas
ornaments lol.

More Franks lol.


We had a Woodpecker too!

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