Saturday, November 19, 2016

Around the house...

Sofie defying gravity on the feeder today.

It's been a bit of a crazy week. Wednesday
we got our flu shots. So far no reactions really,
though I'm still battling a bit the crappy virus we 
got in October. 

So I have needed to visit the GP for awhile, and while
we were waiting for the flu shot line, we made an 
appointment for me. (ha, no doc appointments this week) lol
Someone cancelled right when we were there so I got in
on Friday the 18th! Super fast.

So I went (Thursday was a down day I think..can't remember)
and it went okay. Remember my 2 new diagnosis a year joke?
 2016 hit the mark again lol.

I was pretty blah coming home but Sofie ran up to me 
on the porch! Aw! :D Wild fur baby was cute :D 

I have (now diagnosed) plantar fasciitis! I will not 
be trying to spell that again lol. Plantar F will work for me :D.
I have to see a fysio-therapist for my foot. I also need
some stuff for it but night boots around my toes won't 
work, got that (maiden name) neuropathy baby lol. 

 So we'll try some of what they recommended and
something else :). I still have to make the fysio time.

Combine that with the sexual therapy for my 
rape PTSD I've been putting off, my crotch fysio therapy..
that's going to be a bunch of stuff I have to do.
I've been off of my glaucoma drops since they
made me pretty sick. We tested my eye pressure
and the left eye is good at 22 but my right eye is 28, the
highest it's ever been. :/ So I'm in line to see an 
ophthalmologist.  Probably in the spring. 

I got a steroid nose spray to hopefully help my
inflammation and snoring. So that's good! 
I think that's about it. Oh! She said we have
had a virus (she checked my throat) and I have been
taking my reflux meds wrong ALL these years. Take them
right before bed and it has helped a bunch! I feel better
with them already.
So that's what's been up. It's been a pretty
funky week and not much blogging going on.
I hope y'all are doing well out there!

No Tom...NO. 



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