Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Around the house...

Some progress! The holes for the sink and 
stovetop are done! Tomorrow it's buy more parts I think
and who knows. We still have to fix electric, run water,
and install cabinets. Lots to do but hopefully we're getting
r done a bit faster.

Not much kicking here lately. I've been doing housework
but as you can see above it's still a construction zone. I wish
we'd it done soon, before Thanksgiving. It keeps dragging sadly.

I'm still on my monthly...can you tell? :D lol

I've had a steady work of dishes and laundry. I found a bunch
of stuff to donate which surprises me. It's always good to do that
before Christmas since I'm sure I'll get something to go into
the "donate later" box :D lol 

I made taters today for fishsticks and vege medley for lunch.
Supper was microwave burgers. I made cauliflower soup too. 

No Sofie encounters. Frankie the Squirrel came into
the yard complaining the entire time and twerking. *sigh*
He was such a cute baby lol! Darn teenager years. 

Buford the Blue Tit flew up and looked at me through the window. He
at on the porch ledge and fluffed himself out, then flew off. At least
someone loves me lol! :D 

The Blackbirds were having a rap battle at 7am this morning. Noisy
farts :) Bessie is weird. I'll talk to her with the door open, she'll
wait about 20 seconds before squawking and flying off???

No doc appointments this week so that's been nice! Next week
I have another fysiotherapy and Spenser has a therapy session
as well. I don't know if we'll do anything for Thanksgiving, I don't
have a real fire in my panties about it to be frank lol.

So I hope ya'll are having a good week out there! 

Methinks not..you slept with Taylor Swift.

Ron has the right reaction :D 


  1. You are goin to have a ceramic stove top? Congrats!!

    1. Yep! :D Thanks! :D I wanted a raised combined oven but it didn't fit lol! Figures we have a weird lop sided house lol! :D


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