Friday, November 11, 2016

Around the house...

I still have to edit the pretty snow pictures,
this is more of a usual around the house.

Slept pretty okay, we got to working on
making the cabinets for the kitchen! We did
them in an hour using a power drill (SHOULD 
of bought one when we felt we needed it) and
it went together well! 

All we have to do next week is run plumbing
and drains, fix electric and hook up oven and 
stovetop, put cabinets on walls, etc :P 

Cabinets being built...the lower half.

Spenser put together the drawers. He was smiling...
but you can't tell lol :D 

Ta-da! Hopefully goes together FAST and smooth
next week (please pray!). :) Looking forward to 
having our own kitchen!

Not much kicking else. I washed 3 days of
dishes in the dishwasher and that went okay. I 
did a HUGE load of laundry and that went well too.
I have been having to put off doing cooking/cleaning
and all that jazz with the house fixing going on. Hard
to cook with everyone squeezed in here doing stuff.

We got out today and got candy and bread, more yogurt
for Spenser. We're starting a modified Daniel fast for 10 
days at some point next week. We'll eat modified vegetarian
because I can't eat soy or beans so I'll have some egg and 
dairy in the mix here and there. I hear people say it's 
not the idea of the fast but they're eating soy patties
and flavored tofu...yeah that's not bending the rules...right? :) lol

More pictures!

Spenser was in therapy the other day and I
took a photo of this huge long
needed something.


I got papers today that say I can vote (I think) so
cool! I am excited about the municipal elections
here (because how many of one party you vote
for adds up and they get more seats in the Parliament..I think)
and it's next spring.

                                   Anyone want snow? I almost made a 45 degree angle
                                                        opening the door lol :D

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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