Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Around the house...

Well I'm not dead lol. I am feeling MUCH better
after closing my Facebook and avoiding the election
whoopla. I'll resurrect the bastard next week post US election.
Funny how a couple days of way less internet is REALLY
good :). Also it's been a crazy busy day here so I'm kind 
of on wind down for a bit. 
I STILL have a sore red throat but that's what
it is. I am resting as I can. No fever really and I 
don't want to go pay 40 euros to be told I had
a virus and rest and drink fluids :) lol.
Remember playing bicycle as a kid? Figured out
what that reminded me of lol.

The reason I had my "f*cked relationship with
God" post is to show that while I'm a pretty
devout person, we can all fall off the spiritual wagon
here and there. It happens, we're human. Pray 
and don't worry! 

Sunday I rested pretty much. Monday I thawed our
small freezer and cleaned lightly, laundry and
swept a bit with the broom. 

Today I did laundry, took trash, went restocking
for 3 hours (lunch out..mmm Hesburger), came home
and unloaded groceries, then left again for 1 hour
15 minute fysio therapy visit! It went really well and
we were gone another 3 hours lol. It's been a looong
but well done day.

Spenser and I had insomnia last night so it's like
goodbye midnight oil, there's none lol.

Stephen Lang as my fysio therapist? Noooooo lol.

lol :D It has been a good but busy day. I'm kinda fried
and my throat feels like gravel but that's nothing new lol.
Pic time!

Restock today. It took FOREVER to sort and unload. I
didn't get any super great bargains, Prisma didn't have
any storebrands really. I had to buy brand name but hey,
it happens. I did find pizzas 30% off, Skittles for 1 euro
a package, and 4 freezer meals for 4 euros. So we're
good to go with that!


Sausage curry I made with vege medley and 
rice. I made the sauce with regular white sauce
and a piece of cheese, GOOD. Spenser and I polished
this off in one go.

You know it's winter when no one wants
to take the trash lol. We had a mountain. Chips
and chocolate, hello cottage crazy diet lol.

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween these days but 
my Kingdom game had a theme! I love the moon and
the pumpkins.

We had a zombie horse! Nice thing is he didn't need
to eat so I could run around all the place lol. It was
kinda gross though lol.
Oh yeah! Sofie decided to explore our porch on Monday.
We were having coffee, looked out to see a furry critter
running up and down lol! She's a cute fart. :) She at least
needs her human adoptive mama sometimes, at least for
bread lol. :)

Sofie a couple weeks back. 

Sparrow looking, wondering what's going on.

Look how crabby he looks when he realizes it's me lol :D 


A flower blooming after a freeze! Nuts!

We're supposed to have a blizzard tomorrow so we'll
see. I am THANKFUL we got my appointment
done today AND we restocked! Thank you Lord!

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