Thursday, October 27, 2016

Late to the party : Pepsi Next Review..

Not paid, just a homemaker who
likes soda pop :D lol

Basically this tastes like Pepsi is having a teenage
identity crisis and can't figure out want it wants to be.
This gif from Bob's Burgers comes to mind:
Kinda like me until I found the right religion lol :D

Basically the pop is still sugared but flavored with 
stevia too.

So it doesn't taste like sugared pop, and it doesn't taste
like diet pop either. 
Honestly, it's not very good. I'll drink it because I like
caffeine but I'd never buy it again. I think it tanked
in Finland because there are pallets of this stuff in Jumbo
for 1.50 euros on sale. (Hence my purchase..)
So that's about it. 


  1. So, not worth of the precious 1,50 (if we happen to see it here or there), good to know :-)
    I am a Sprite girl and my husband prefers Coke if we are at Hesburger, but usually we don't buy soda for home, except for an occasional tonic water if I happen to crave it!

    1. Yep lol! :D It was okay but I'd not ever buy it again. Plus it went flat in two days!

      YES! I love Sprite :D I love soda, helps me not be nauseous all the time. Suppresses the gassy guts lol!


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