Monday, October 31, 2016

Kotka Pics 24 - Last one! - Beautiful church...

Pretty downtown..

Cool 60s architecture..

OLD building..

Beautiful isn't she? :) Built in 1898. The graves are 
those who died in the War. 

Very big structure! We couldn't go in, a wedding
was due. :) 

Area around church...

Drive home. Man alive, it is so dark right now in 
the end of October. I miss the sunlight! 

Thanks for viewing all these :).


  1. She really is beautiful! I once attended a wedding there.

    Isn't it strange that modern churches are hard to recognize as a church, at least in many cases. You see a building and you wonder if it's a swimming hall or a Kela office. I don't know how they (modern architects) think that a grey concrete box somehow makes us think God and beauty and grace...

    1. She is! Awesome! :D Was it pretty inside?

      YES! The local one here is hideous, looks like a leftover Brick Siwa from the 80s.

      You'll like this link :D

      Yes! it's really weird, it's like the official "meh" design for Finland lol!

    2. LOL! We both couldn't stop vomiting! Incredible! :-D

      The wedding I attended, was 30 years ago and it was a small gathering. All I remember is that it was spacious. It can easily seat 2000 I think?

    3. Oh, it seats 1500. I checked.

    4. lol! :D that cracked me up :D We do have some super ugly churches. I laughed so hard Klaukkala made it to the list lol! The church is copper but it weathered in like two weeks lol!

      Cool! :)

      That is HUGE! I don't think we have a church that big around here minus Helsinki.


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