Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kotka Pics 16 of Willem of Foe...

The good ole' Lutheran Church...controlling
people through guilt :D (Shhhh Catholic
guilt is another post lol)


I'd take this when I have to wash laundry
in the basement in big trash cans with a stick lol.
Yep...did that in 2015 spring.

Cute! :) I love blue :D


Baby maternity box from the old days. These
make the news internationally sometimes. The
box can be converted into a sleeper thing.

Get r done...

Came out fuzzy but I liked these...

Old photograph album..



Flash photography! 

late 40s :D


Barbies! I'm going to collect barbies in my
old age, it's a goal for me. No kidding lol!

I'm good...all that looks painful.


Leftover from another post...:D It was behind
glass so there'd be no.."act like it's
a penis" pics...because YOU KNOW I'd 
do that lol.

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