Saturday, October 15, 2016


Proof that the country isn't more relaxing. This is us
trying to come home from Tuusula last week during rush hour. The tiny
white dots are all cars and trucks trying to get around the main

Sunset a couple weeks ago...just pretty.

Spenser wanted Burger King and a visit to
Helsinki for his birthday. I HATE Helsinki but
I figured it's his birthday and don't want
to let down my Hubby :). It went okay actually. 
Parking for under 2 hours was 14 euros....:/. That's
like a week's of grocery stuff for us lol. (basic but you get the point)

Stockmanns. They were having crazy days sales but it 
wasn't that busy actually. See the cobblestone? That
stuff is AWFUL to walk on and drive on. Makes me
want to barf when we're in the car.

Poet dude of Finland. 

How very.."French Kiss" looking! I loved that 
movie, used to OD on it with my sister :D Fester fester
fester, rot rot rot lol :D 

Some bank.

Art? :D

No idea...but it looks like a Communist you'd stop here to vote
and shop for your stuff...anyone else get that vibe? Spenser
had no idea what it was about. Something ww2 probably.

Man butt statues..3 smiths I think.

Muhahahahhah Mom :D lol 

Statue was cold and we headed back to the parking

BHAM! Saw this and instantly thought of me
and you Miriam! :D We could rock the coverings :D 

Anttila's loppu sale actually came in handy for me! I  got
these slippers for 4 euros! They were 20 euros before the sale!

I also got Christmas cards half off! 

I got two shirts from a thrift store too! :D 3.50 euros for both! :)

So we had a good time! :) I did buy clothes on
Spenser's birthday but he was fine with it :D lol


  1. Oh LOL!

    Where can I claim my night(mare)gown??

    Congrats for your finds!!

    1. LOL! :D It was some high end shop in Helsinki lol. I'm like rich folks will pay tons of money for the strangest things. It's like milk maid meets couture lol! :D

      Thanks! :D


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