Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Around the house...

Y'all tired of the Kotka pics yet? :D lol 

I caught bronchitis from the headcold so
I'm kinda still sick but on the mend. I'm not
overdoing anything so that's good lol! I am on
1000mg inhaled steroids for my bronchial tubes so
I feel it's helping. I feel some irritation though of course.
Still sleeping in the living room since I'm snoring. Thankfully
my sinus pressure is more normal!

We are having road warnings now in Southern Finland
for frost on the roads. We REALLY need to get our winter
tires done but as usual, we'll do it last minute lol.

Lantern was frosted!

Whole yard was too.

Frosted flowers.

Moon! I used a filter so you could see
and it's crazy, it looked like this this morning.

Homemaking wise I did a load 
of laundry and just rested other than that.
I have soo much paperwork I should
be catching up with but I am so hairbrained
I'd think I'd mess it up.

We had BBQ hotdogs for lunch with leftover
instant taters and canned beets. It was good :).

We got out shopping (thanks! :)) and I got
some good deals!

400 grams (.8 pounds) of cooked chicken
for 2 euros! That is CRAZY cheap.  It's in
the freezer and I'll use it later. With the sickness
I've been just cooking chicken soup or chicken
couscous so I used a bunch more chicken
this month than I thought. God answered
a prayer about that. :)

Did some running and came home, watched tv and
zoned out. :) Had a quiet evening, no complaints. I did 
take trash, go through freezer and foodboxes, and 
put on the dishwasher. So it was a full day.

Time for animal pictures!

LOL how Great Tits eat bread. They stand on it and
peck. I don't want to eat with my feet lol :D 

Judgemental Sparrows lol. The one in the back
is like "I see you bitch" lol :D 

Sofie! She INSISTS on not having her
picture taken so below I'm sharing the fun
of trying to get a good photo of the fart.

Eating under the feeder, decent pic.


Feeder again.

*sigh* Squirrel witness protection..




  1. Squirrel witness protection!!! LOL!!! Hilarious!!! :-D

    1. LOL :D Thanks! :D She is being a fart trying to get a picture lol :D


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