Monday, September 26, 2016

Menu Monday...

Hot Dog Pie was REALLY good. I added some feta
to the top instead of the recommended cheese and it
was GOOD. I used 1 cup homemade Bisquick and 
this was awesome :D. I REALLY recommend this.

Our anniversary meal. We had thawed garlic
cream potatos, cheese and bacon thawed sausage,
and leftover cali veges. It was REALLY good. We ate
at home since the car situation was kinda funky today.

Monday - Anniversary meals...
Food above plus liverbox and green beans for supper. At 
least it was a gluten free day!

Tuesday - gluten free cream of chicken vege soup 
chicken nuggets with potatoes and carrots

Wednesday - kinda depends...Spenser's medical
stuff is after our lunch time so we'll eat at home probably.

Leftover GF soup and a decide that day or ramen.

Thursday - tuna melts with fruit, thaw gluten free
chicken and rice, eat it with eggs or something.

Friday - nuggets with taters and carrots, 
with potatoes and carrots or other veges.

Saturday - ham and pineapple pizza (or tuna),
and thaw gluten free ham potato soup

Sunday - gluten free bbq chicken we found
canned, or bbq hotdogs  with veges....meat patties
with veges

Thanks for visiting and make sure to visit
Menu Monday   for more menus! :)

END OF THE MONTH!          

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