Monday, September 19, 2016

Menu Monday...

Mmmm bread. Stupid wheat allergy. If you have
wheat sensitive problems, READ THIS. We have
sensitivities  to ibuprofen. :/ 

 Okay, to the menus! 

Monday we had nuggets and instant potatoes. Lunch was
BBQ hotdogs (sauteed in sauce) with leftover chicken
soup turned into couscous. Wheat overload but I'm sick
so good enough :D.

Tuesday - GF cauliflower soup, ham and pineapple pizza
Wednesday - I have fysiotherapy so don't's kind of 
open I guess. Leftovers could happen like leftover soup. I might
cook meatballs ahead of time too...depends.
Thursday -  gluten free hamburger soup, ramen noodles 

Friday - gluten free hamburger pasta with veges, hotdog pie with veges

Saturday - GF mackerel and rice, egg white tacos (pushed aside for weeks)
Sunday - leftovers or decide that day x 2
Thanks for visiting and make sure to visit 

I wish it would rain chocolate truffles...Willem can
be there too :D lol

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