Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kotka Museo 11 of Where are my pants?

Those of you who are closer to me on
the web or real life know I've been
OBSESSED with this song lately. Listen
to this while watching the first couple pictures
of this post.

Man if you saw that coming at know some
interesting times were coming your way lol. Though pillaging
and being kidnapped by a Viking..meh it kinda happened
to me lol. Sorry Spenser :D lol 

AWESOME. That is just crazy. Those are
handmade rivets. 

Are you still listening? :D 

I thought it was pretty neat.

Hollowed out tree.

Guess the middle ages had some Pink Floyd
around? lol

Creepy freaky thing lol...another brick 
in the wall?

Other boat stuff.

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