Saturday, September 17, 2016

Big suprise revealed! Construction! :)

Our old apartment was really small, 19 meters squared. That's
205 feet squared. It was a pain in the butt and we've
just outgrown the space. Finland was supposed to be 
temporary 14 years ago lol :).

before pics

This was how we'd sleep at night.

Spenser had to move the furniture around every night
and put down mattresses. It stunk. :/ So here and there...I 
won't go into details who what where and why...we knocked
down a wall and now have double the space! :) Thanks for
ALL the prayers everyone, it made it happen! :)

Getting around to knock down the wall. We had
put the fridge and freezer on in the room. We
slept downstairs for a day until the construction stopped.

 Improvement already! :) Spenser and his
brother knocked down the wall!

We had to move Spenser's mom's furniture and
unload the stuff inside...that took Wednesday
and Thursday. It was lots of hard work.

Yesterday we had some guys come and 
fill up the arch. They boarded it and put sound
insulation up too. At a later date we'll have some 
sound insulating covering or at least paint.

Today Spenser and I finished moving in
and am pleased to show the new apartment layout/stuff! :)

(We live in the same house, just doubled our space!)

 Our living room! You can see the arch filled in. Spenser's
music making station and my computer against the wall. 
We used our anniversary gift from my parents to
buy a used tv stand, a used couch, and a used coffee table.
Thanks Mom and Dad! :)

LOVE this coffee table!

Now you can see the kitchen set up! :) At some point we'll
actually install cabinets, an oven, and a sink. It requires
work to run drains and water though, so it's a later date. 
I'm pretty happy though with this set up! :)

Fridge area

 Our dining area/work area. I don't have
a counter but this table will work just fine!

Our cabinet in the hallway. It holds
the misc. stuff that shows up. 

You can see the hall and bathroom. There
was a wall separating these rooms and it's
a blessing it's gone now!

Our bedroom is actually a bedroom now! :) 

Barren and just the way we like it! :)

 Now we have 40 square meters or 430 square feet :D. 

Spenser and I are REALLY happy :).


  1. Sooo happy for you both!
    I love the workstation area/ table and the nic window to look out of when you are working:)
    Thanks for sharing the pics. You guys should be featured on one of those small home shows- you know how to make it work nicely-

    All the best

    1. Thanks! :) It is NICE! We're adjusting to it but the privacy is soooooo nice! :) We have our own private porch too :D.

      Thanks! :D It is nice! I chopped hotdogs today and could do it sitting down :D.

      No problem! :) I'm REALLY happy about it :D. That'd be cool! :D Thanks! :D

  2. I seriously love that coffee table too - reminds me of where I live here on the west ( wet today) coast :)
    Where did you find it?

    1. Thanks! :D Nice! :D We got it at the Vintage section in Samaria thrift store in Vihti. We get most of our furniture there since it's super cheap and goes to a good cause. We found another family member has the same table lol!

  3. Congratulations!!!
    I am so happy for you :-)

    I really like your dining room with a view. And the upper shelf in the kitchen, it's a real life's genius invention! :-)

    1. Thanks! :D We're really happy too! :D It's so nice to wake up to a bigger space. We've been without a car here and there and its' no biggie, I have lots more to clean lol! :D

      Thanks! :D Spenser is the mastermind of the kitchen lol, poor dude got a workout dragging all my stuff around lol! :D

  4. Wow, I couldn't imagine living in such a small space. Our house feels too small some day :)

    1. It was HARD. I think it was fine when we were younger and healthier but it just became too much. I have bad issues with my back and Spenser has his scoliosis too. Lots of nice places to plop down and rest, it is nice. :D

  5. !!!!!! OMG So gorgeous and giant!! I'm so glad you guys got some more space. <3!

    1. Thanks!!!!!! :D I'm krunk about it lol! :D Love and miss you tons! :D


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