Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Around the house...

Hall when I finally cleaned it on Tuesday.

Other side. The sheets are downstairs and
all the kitchen stuff will disappear whenever
we get the kitchen built.

It is nice to have a space for odds
and ends meant for that :).

I cooked some on Tuesday and did a bunch
of laundry. It was rather a quiet day though.

Today has been okay. I'm tired, had some
insomnia last night. We had tuna melts
for lunch and then left for Spenser's appointment.

It was ANOTHER evaluation and we'll
hear if he gets extended therapy in about a month.
Please pray for him to receive it, thanks a bunch! Poor
dude has been through a bunch and the pile keeps

We came home around 16:30pm after going to Ikea
and checking out lights and laundry baskets.  I skyped
with my folks then we ate taters and carrots and BBQ
chicken we got cheap on sale in cans. It was okay..I prefer my
own :D.

So that's been the day. I'm pretty worn out and so is Spenser.
 Hope y'all are having a good day!

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