Monday, September 26, 2016

Around the house...

Tammisto sunset a couple weeks back.

Weekend was pretty quiet for us. Sunday I 
felt up to cleaning the bathroom and so it went 
well! I cleaned the top of the medicine cabinet and 
chunked a bunch of going old medications.  I cleaned
the inside of that too.

 I cleaned the floor. I cleaned around the toilet and
cleaned it too. I cleaned the sink as well. I used
about a half liter of vinegar but it's 
clean now and that makes me happy!


The floor IS clean. The lovely stains
on the lower half of the tile is where the
old clunker shower cabinet was. They
used some industrial grease crap and it's
impossible to clean up without replacing
 the tile....*sigh* lol.

John is clean. It wasn't bad though. I 
used my mom's tip about a washcloth and
a stick to get into the hard spot between the wall
and the john. Now if Spenser has his friends
over the crapper won't look so bad hopefully lol!

My fibro was like NO after an hour and I don't blame it lol! 
That was the FINAL thing on my fall cleaning list so whoo! :)

Today Spenser and I celebrated our 14th anniversary! :) We
had some good food (easy thawed stuff) and we watched
a bunch of tv. 

Around the afternoon we got out. We stopped at TH Market
and I got 2 headbands for 2 euros! I need to control the Jew
Fro, my hair is just BHAM! all over the place.  

We went to the recycling place and Spenser found
two dressers for 20 euros a piece! SUPER cheap. I went
with his idea and when we got them home, they fit most of
our stuff PERFECTLY! Saved a bunch and Spenser didn't
have to put together a bunch of crap lol :D

NICE! Tons of space. We kept 1/2 of the 
old white dresser thing (Spenser recycled the rest)
and I LOVE them! :) Not bad! Plus I have
more space on my altar! :)
We visited Jumbo and did some grocery shopping. We
checked out Bargain Basement in Klaukkala and Tokmanni
but didn't buy anything. :) Good trip!
Spenser moved tons of the dressers and I moved
our stuff around. Now we have more space in the hall
I'll make good use of it :).
So that's all here! :) 

All I want to do lol. I want to play Kingdom and
neglect my homemaking lol.

become one with the pizza...

Goodbye responsibliteis...also good spelling
with dyslexia lol.

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