Thursday, September 22, 2016

Around the house...

A small Ikea kitchen we saw. :) Hopefully one day lol!

Pretty funky to think we've been in the new addition for
a week tomorrow!
Yesterday was a good day. My visit to fysio therapy
went well. I was given dilators to help my vaginal pain and 
I have basically no muscle definition in some of the muscles
in my vagina. I have to pressure release points and keep
the dilator in to help my vaginal muscle tone. Kate
Bush is now the proud owner of Femmax  dilators.

I was given a referral to call a therapist about
the attempted rape in high school. That will be
great to talk about and move on from. My fysiotherapist
was really wonderful and supportive when I mentioned it.

Dilator isn't a sex toy, it's a medical device. I'm ANNOYED
that people keep trying to sexualize dysfunction in women.
It's not kinky, it's not erotic. Using dilators is actually really
painful but necessary for vaginal tissue issues. It's also for
lichen planus so that's a plus for me!

Okay rant over :D lol

We got some groceries and came home, I took a day off
of any chores yesterday. Watched some tv, just chilled.

Today has been a good day!

Spenser had a rough night so we had a slow start to
the day. I did two loads of laundry in the morning, clothes
and sheets/pillow cases. It went fast!

Lunch was leftover cauliflower soup and we
watched some tv. We went to Motonet afterwards
and got ant poison since we've got a nest butt up
to our foundation. Now we've got an active kitchen
going here, it's been kinda freaking me out. I HATE ants.

After that we went to Jumbo and did some more grocery
shopping. We visited Lidl and got some cheapo cheese
and muffins on sale. We checked out Lantilla but they
had zilch for sale...good thrift store stuff isn't really
there anymore.

We came home and had coffee, watched more tv. Supper
was ham and egg tacos :).

I dustmopped too. DUST. lol So that's just been
what's going on here. :)

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