Monday, September 19, 2016

Around the house..

Man alive, feels like I haven't blogged in forever.

So we're really enjoying the new apartment! :) It's just
so nice having a large space, don't feel confined. Plus the couch
is mucho comfortable. Spenser spends more time laying on me :D lol

Thanks for the wonderful comments, I appreciated them all! :)

We just kind of rested on the weekend after moving
stuff around. I've done laundry out the wazoo lately
and tomorrow I might do depends. My left
foot is really sore, hurts to walk.

I finally got around to mending my pile of stuff!
It wasn't too bad. Spenser's exercise pants from 2004 or 2006
are in the "paint" pile. I couldn't sew them anymore and
just duct taped the butt lol. I mended this great
cutaway it!

I love it except it's like HERE ARE MY BOOBS
We have the heater on in the living room/kitchen now.
We like to sleep really cold in the bedroom so that's
the last minute kinda deal. :) Nights have been 4c or 39F. COLD.
I am enjoying fall though :) Critters abound. Sofie is still
eating bread like a crazy squirrel (only one slice a door tore up into bits).
I FINALLY got Reba to try bread! She liked it, she ate it sitting
in a pile of leaves listening to me and Spenser lol.
I have moved all the summer clothes to the basement. I need to
wash jackets and stuff but the hats/gloves are cleaned
and ready to go.
Spenser thinks we'll have snow by his birthday and I agree,
wouldn't surprise me.
OH YEAH! Spenser FINALLY got his new therapist
info and all so that's great. He goes next week. 

Not really much else kicking here that I can think of. I hope
y'all are having a good week! :)

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