Monday, September 12, 2016

Around the house...

Sofie's new favorite place to nap. She was zonked
out. I got a piece of bread for her, she got off the birdhouse,
took it, and ran down the neighbor's fence to her
nest lol. Goober. :D

Good luck to any birds this fall/winter lol!

Hopefully we're back to more scheduled programming
here on the blog. It's just been a crazy time lately. 

Yesterday I cooked a bunch of gluten free
soups and made sides to easy meals. I made us
curry gluten free pasta with hot dogs, good! We
had Hawaiian pizza too, it was good! :)

I shook out the rugs, cleaned up the stovetop
with vinegar and dustmopped. Did two
loads of laundry and ran the dishwasher.

Saturday I went through and sorted
the stuff downstairs. I have a ton to donate,
so hopefully get to that this week at some point. 
I brought up fall/winter clothes too. I need more
long johns, all mine don't fit :(. The only ones
I found are guy's here in Finland (guess ladies just freeze)
so I can walk around with a huge pee hole in the front of 
my thermals lol!
I think we'll have a bad winter, Spenser brought up
last time it was this warm in September we were married in 2002.
It was -35C the entire winter...sooooo that'll be interesting
to find out :) lol
Today I need to mend and add buttons, etc. I have lots of things
I've been putting off, sorry for no snail mail letters or anything. 
My fysiotherapy visit went well last Thursday! :) I really
love the nurse, she's wonderful! I have to retrain my bladder
since I pee too much. Also I had to measure my pee
all weekend so that was a pain in the butt lol.
So that's all here. I hope y'all are having a great Monday!

Fall foliage! :)

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