Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Around the house..

Things have been crazy here. Spenser is having
lots of panic attacks and we still have no date for his
new therapy. We called but he's "in line" and that's
all we know.

We just ate mcDonalds and had
storebought coffees on Labor day. We don't
really celebrate it here. 

Tuesday I cooked a BUNCH. It went well
and I made lots of good stuff :D. Couscous
with ham, chicken/rice/vege soup, cauliflower
soup, and lots of potatoes for sides.

Wednesday has been good, I've
cleaned a bunch! I vacuumed for the 
first time in a couple months (we did broom
sweep/shake rugs/ dust mop every couple weeks

I worked up quite a sweat, did the entire apartment in
30 minutes! I also stripped all the bedding and chair
covers. I did about 4 loads of laundry today including
 normal clothes too.

I remember why I don't vacuum, my lower
back won't quit acting up. I went to sit down with
supper and was in horrible pain for about a minute.
Spenser was like man..I must of made a bad face.

1 of 1,000 things I should visit a doctor for, I know :).

So that's been going on this week. Tomorrow I have
my fysio therapy beginning so hopefully something
good comes from that.

Pic time!

Nakki sauce..mmm :)

European sprat, roasted and in tomato
sauce. Mmmmmmmm! SO good!

LOVE this! :) 70 euros though? lol

Part of our tree feels like fall!

Finland...we have strange coffee lol :)


  1. Nice post my dear! You have a great blog design with all the little quilts :)
    Would you be able to add a gadget 'Readers' to your blog, so I can follow you? :)

    1. Thanks! :) I'll try to do that, thanks for reading my blog! :)

  2. Tom of Finland coffee?? I haven't heard of this. I wonder what's next, Tom of Finland sausages?

    1. LOL :D Don't give them an idea, it'll be out next summer lol! :D


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