Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trip to Kotka...Part 1 of A LOT

We went out of state for my birthday! :D
From Uusimaa to Kymenlaakso. :) 

We settled on a museum in Kotka and 
it's about 135km from our home
so it was a BIG drive... 1.5 hours 
one way.

We went last Saturday and so I have over
400 pictures to go through and edit lol. :) 

Here's us driving there...plus lots of 
bug guts and bird poo on the windshield.

Stopped in Tikkurila for snacks.

Lots of good stuff to eat on the road
and for later.


A good chunk of time later on, you can see
Kotka. As we approached the road signs had
Russian on them. Wished I had gotten
a picture of that.

Lots of little farms. Spenser said he remembers
these homes from the 1990s on his way to the Army.


Weird sound blockers/art/ who knows lol. 

Cool bridge.

More tunnels!

A big dam is on the way too, cool bridge.

Art...? Spenser said they're like tropical trees.

HUGE barn!

Look at all this rock they had to blast through to 
make the road. It's CRAZY!



  1. Looks like a fun trip- hope you had a wonderful birthday :)


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