Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Little Town...

In my little town there
is an expensive neighborhood. 
There is a big lake and many
wealthy homes dwell here. 
In the early 2000s those
rich kids went to my school. 
The white boys had lots of 
money and usually played 
football and were on the 
wrestling teams.
In my little school the wealthy kids
had everything for them. We were 
denied a poetry club so the rich
kids could have a golf team. Girls
weren't allowed.
There were many pretty poor girls
in my little clique. The wealthy
boys would sleep with them
but have the trophy girlfriends
who were cheerleaders. 
In my little town there
was so many things going on
under the surface of the nice, southern
landscape. Dark things, nasty things.
One little night a poor girl was invited
to a rich boy's parent's house on the lake
in that wealthy neighborhood.  She
was very pretty and there was a party
going on.

They drank underage and drove
Daddy's boat on the lake. The house was
massive with a two story deck.
The pretty poor girl was there and the
teenage rich boy raped her in the
upstairs bedroom while the party went on.

The poor girl cried to her parents who
wanted to take this to the police. The rich
boy's daddy offered thousands of dollars
to the poor family as hush money. The
poor girl's dad accepted the money.

No prosecution, no time in jail thanks
to Daddy's money.  The bastard graduated
and had his pretty little cheerleader 
girlfriend on his arm. 

My little town...

~  Chava  2016


  1. For a week I wondered what I'd like to comment, but I can't find the right words.

    Very touching.

    1. Thanks! Helps me process the whole weirdness of teenagehood.


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