Monday, August 22, 2016

Menu Monday...

Beginning of the week I'm on a 
easy if not no cooking schedule. I'm taking some
time for me and not doing any stressful recipes :).


We had tuna melts with fruit for lunch.

Supper will egg white tacos.


wheat free thawed liver box with green beans

thawed pizza


thawed wheat free potato meals (with ham or fish)

Thursday - Sunday 

(All made in large batches)

wheat free mackerel soup

wheat free chicken pasta with veges

couscous with ham and veges (or I'll use sausage)

fishsticks and veges, decide that day or party food

Thanks for visiting and check out
Menu Monday for more stuff!


  1. Sounds like a good menu to me! I never make a menu, I think my stomach is to fickle! Or is it me? LOL!

    1. Thanks! :D I agree! I have the SAME thing! I usually end up changing something since my stomach acts up or I lose the craving for it lol! :)


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